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I try showing the character of each animal and bringing to light it's unique place in the world.

Artist Kate Mur

​My inspiration comes from the world around me. I love to travel and have visited many places. The Nature is different everywhere and I soak in a lot of things, big and small.

From picturesque tropical landscapes to the drops of rain making their way down the glass.

From wild animals to the yellow leaf lying on the ground.

I always emphasize eyes, because there's truth in them. I put a lot of love and warmth into drawing them, my feelings almost pour onto these eyes. And people feel it looking on my works.

I am a professional artist, specializing in a highly detailed Fine Art - acrylic, watercolor, oil and airbrush paintings, pencil and colored pen drawings.

I love experimenting with colors, mediums and techniques.

I am passionate about my work and have a large client base from all over the globe including Canada, United States, China and Australia as well as high-ranking officials from Arab countries such as Qatar and UAE.

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Vision Magazine Australia 2017-2018 December/January edition:

"Using a set of acrylic paints and an amazing creative talent, Kate devotes her time painting beautifully realistic pictures, mostly of animals, using various flat surfaces as her canvas. But whether it is on the palm of her hand or the cheek of an apple, Kate's paintings never fall to capture a strong sense of soul and emotion."

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  • Custom paintings and drawings


  • Fine art and pet portrait artist


  • Collector Art Gallery


  • Commission a portrait


  • Very talented artist